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Have you ever said to yourself after watching a crazy instagram vacation photo "Man, this has to be on my vacation list" and then totally forgot about it?!

It happens more than once, the problem is that travelers don't have a go to app where they can easily plan their trip based on photos others share from their vacations. We have designed a solution that helps people plan a trip by seeing what others are experiencing in the places they wish to go, share their vacation stories and inspire others.


In the initial stage we have tested out, with our target users, different flows, button placement, features etc.  Wireframes helped us to move fast and save time later by minimizing the risk of designing something that won't bring enough value.

wireframes 10wireframes 10


Starting with a mood board, different colors and UI elements for inspiration, helped us make decisions regarding the overall design and identity of the app.


You can sign up or sign in using email or username and password.

Explore the places you wish to go

You can discover what others have shared, either using the map or toggling the explore tab.

Plan your trip

You can plan your trip right from inside the app. Search for accommodation, restaurants and car rentals in every city.

Update your status

Let others know how your trip is going by sharing moments from your trip.

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